What is Aeromancy?

What is Aeromancy?

Aeromancy is a type of divination that focusing on the atmospheric conditions such as cloud shapes, wind level and beyond. According to the ancient history, Aeromancy is used by the ancient priests of the Babylonian as one of their common practices to predict the future. For them Aeromancy is quite helpful in predicting the possible circumstances in the coming days. This only proves that the art of Aeromancy existed long time ago. And until now this unusual practice still exists in the world of divination.

The ancient people are reading the formation of the clouds, the temperature of the wind and the position of the comets in order to reveal the possible calamity, hardship or suffering and at the same time to also acknowledge the probable good fortune in a certain place, life, etc.

The old-fashioned people have become accustomed interpreting the different type of atmospheric condition in order to be prepared about something or anything that could happen along the way. However, this type of divination is also considered as one of the restricted practices because it was strongly linked to Necromancy. Necromancy is part of black magic because it requires them to communicate or inviting the ghost spirts to fulfill the uncommon type of divination such as Aeromancy.

The advantages and disadvantages of Aeromancy strongly depend by the different opinion of the ancient people. Some of them are strongly believed that there is nothing wrong to practice Aeromancy for it was really helpful and useful to their personal purposes while other people solidly condemned the people who are practicing Aeromancy for they firmly believed that that divination is not accurate and not helpful to anyone’s life because it will only lead anyone to false belief and false hope.

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. This only means that you can also make your own perception about the unique approach of Aeromancy in our precious Earth. You can make your own research about Aeromancy so you can gather more helpful information that can make you agree or disagree on this type of divination.

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