What is Alomancy?

For centuries salt is a very important element, not just in science, in trading, or in the kitchen. it has long been a healing element, helps relieve body pain when sprinkled on hot bath water, or helps keep bacterias at bay on food containers. Aside its healing benefits, salt has also been believed to be a tool in  predicting the future. Salt is also used for good luck and protection. There are many uses and beliefs that involves salt in different countries and cultures.
In divination, there are many ways to interpret and predict either the future or the present situation, but not without determining the past. To learn about a specific skill, it also an interesting fact that most divination skill is somewhat associated with another gift of fortune telling.
Alomancy is a divination using salt. This can only be useful when used with either water. And that would be called hydromancy. While using it with fire, which is pyromancy. This only shows how everything in this world is interconnected and interrelated.
Like any divination, alomancy has its own rituals to observe. As usual in fortune telling, not everything is all about good luck. The salts may foretell good fortune for the seeker, or an obstacle in the path that they may want to take. It may also state the current predicament the seeker may be in, it could be love or something that burdens the seeker so.
Again, just like any divination, alomancy requires not just skills but also gifts. Gifts of meditation, one should learn how to clear his mind in order to see what is being foretold by the salt sands and interpret it accordingly.
There are two common methods used by the ancient seers on how to read the salts.
One of the method is pouring a little amount of water into a clay container then also pour in the salt. Allow it to evaporate and read the residue of the salt. One must have a clear mind to see what pattern is showing and what it means.
Another method is dashing salt into fire. One should have a very keen eye to see what is the message conveyed by the salt and fire. How the fire reacted to the salt, the color if the flame, the shape of the edges of the flame, how high the reach of the flame, the speed and its direction.
As the time changed, more and more people are drawn to these magic of taking a peek into the future or asking help in one’s decision. This practice may not be totally accepted by society but is somehow allowed or practiced by some, out of hobby. The methods and techniques may also have been improvised over time.
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