What is Amniomancy?


Amniomancy is a type of fortune telling that predicts the future of any newborn baby through analyzing the caul covering of a certain child by the time of his birth. According to the experts the piece and color of membrane (caul) has its own interpretation to the future of a particular baby.

There are two types of caul coverings in the head. The most common look of caul membrane is thin with a very clear color while the other one is quite thick with an intense color but this type of caul covering is quite rare. The ancient people strongly believed that if the baby will be born with vivid caul covering, his future life will be bright and colorful. In short the baby will have wonderful life ahead. This obviously shows that if the baby was born with thin and translucent caul covering, his future is will be an ordinary one. But this belief is only practiced by the believer of Amniomancy. This method can be true and false as well.

The ways of Amniomancy was practiced during the medieval times. The diviner will tell or reveal the destiny of a certain baby if he will have a good or bad fortune in the coming future. The caul membranes are also believed and used as a good luck piece or Talisman of the ancient people. They believed that if they possessed a caul covering of the baby, it can protect them from any type of accident. In short the ancient people also used the caul covering as their strong protection to their future life.

The Amniomancy is indeed an interesting type of fortune telling. It is because its method is quite unique yet very hard to accept in our modern time if this belief is still acceptable and valid especially if we will based through the scientific study and medical terms about the caul membranes.

Now that you know about the important information about Amniomancy, it is still up to you which belief you will give your positive opinion. But whether you believe or not about the methods of Amniomancy, we can’t deny the fact that this type of divination was once treated as an important divination to predict the newborn child’s destiny!

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