What is Bibliomancy?


The methods of Bibliomancy are quite uncommon when it comes to the usual ways for divination. Why? It is because the certain diviner needs to use sacred or holy book so he/she can able to predict the future in an appropriate way. Many people believed that Bibliomancy is very effective for divination because the diviner will use prophetic words or verses that can make any person to understand the importance of his/her existence in this mysterious world.

Bibliomancy is indeed a sacred method for divination. Many Christian people will surely against about Bibliomancy for they strongly believed that divination is strictly prohibited in the bible. However, we can’t control the fact that there are also lots of people that have their own understanding and opinion about the interpretation of the words from the holy book or any sacred book that tackles spiritual nature. This may be the huge reason why the art of Bibliomancy exist in the world of divination.

Bibliomancy is not an easy task to any diviner. He/she should have a thorough knowledge in the Holy Book and in the spiritual world so he/she can deliver the real essence of Bibliomancy to a certain person. By doing this, the diviner can effectively touch the heart and mind of particular person that can help him/her understand all his/her questions about his/her life.

The diviner will use specific verse or message on a particular page from the spiritual book that can open the mind of the client about the significant meaning of his/her existence. This can be quite helpful to any individual because many of us are questioning all the hardships or lack of balance in our life. And we can uncover all the answers to our questions by seeking the expertise of the genuine diviner that can perform Bibliomancy properly.

In the end the message of Bibliomancy will really depend on your own understanding or how you will handle and apply the message to your own life. You can use the message as a best guide to your life or you can ignore it as if nothing happened. The choice is all in your hands!

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