Branches of Application in Astrology

Astrology has a lot of branches, as a matter of fact there are currently 80 branches recorded for this field. One of the common practices of astrologers today is using astrology for self awareness and family. The system it follows is probably one of the best and efficient systems. It is linked and related with different paths such as Quaballa which Is rooted in astrology as Numerology, Tarot and Feng Shui.

Today there are different kinds of astrology; we have the Western Astrology, Vedic, Hellenistic, Classical, Traditional, Mayan, Aztec, Chinese, Korean astrology and more. What we will be discussing next are the different branches of application in Astrology.

Let us enumerate them:

*Humanistic Astrology* – often practiced in the west and referred to as astrological readings to help people.

*Karmic/Esoteric Astrology* – more on the spiritual side of interpretation and insights.

*Relationship Astrology* – deals with the energy between two people in relationship, which can be lovers, or child/parent, boss and employee, family,etc.

*Vocational Astrology* – concentrates on assisting the client, so he will know his potentials in terms of his career.
*Horary Astrology* – answers specific questions in finding lost items.

*Electional Astrology* – searches the sky for the most propitious time to begin an event.

*Mundane Astrology* – covers political events, wars, countries and global changes.

*Astro Meteorology* – the study of and forecasting of weather and other geological patterns.

*Financial Astrology* – often used by stock brokers on the market.

*Medical Astrology* – is starting to gain popularity and often used by both people and pets for diets,herbs and other cures.

*Planting by Astrology* – existed for centuries and still goes on.

*Mythical Astrology* – applies to the worldwide myths and archetypes of the chart.

*Psychological Astrology* – focuses on the psychological aspects of an individual in the horoscope.

*Magical Talisman Astrology* – Used for rituals, magics and creating talismans.


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