Cancer Frequency

Cancer – The Good Side

You can be very emotional. You are naturally loving and loyal but deeply afraid of being hurt. Your sensitivity can make you defensive but your kindness and sympathy are strong traits. You are agood home builder.

You can also be very business oriented and shrewd

At best Cancerians are sensitive, kind and sympathetic, with an absolute urge to nurture and protect people around them. This is most apparent with home and family. So lies the soft side of Cancer, but there is a hard side too, they can be very enterprising, shrewd, and self-assured.

The Other Side

You can suffer  from feelings of inferiority  and will dwell on being crossed . This can often result in grudges and an unforgiving nature. You will hold onto the past and can be very possessive. 

Gastric disorders, heartburn, indigestion, obesity, ulcers.

.Beneficial foods
Watercress and milk.

Beryl, Moonstone, Sapphire, Ruby.

087, 998, 21, 84, 14

Tuning Harmonic
Will help Cancer  to stay on the good side and enhance their natural  intuitive abilities .It will help them avoid some of their negative traits. Will also help to avoid their likely ailments.

Cancer should tune using a carrier frequency of 285 Hz. The tuning should be entirely  in the Alpha range. ( Frequencies can not be revealed)

Frequency can be downloaded from here;

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