What Does Divine Means

When we hear the word ‘divine,’ what comes to mind is something pure, or someone so ethereal. Something that is so sacred, or someone who is so perfect and almost blameless. If we look at any dictionary or thesaurus, these are the words that you may find as well. 
We may think of a god; or a paradise. Worthy of all praise and honor. That you shall never attempt to stain its existence –that is how we associate this word with our experience. 
A divine may be deity that one who so adore and worship, that one asks blessings, guidance, or a bargain.
But aside from these general and generic meaning of the word, Divine is also used in clairvoyance. Or properly called a Diviner. A seer, a prophesier. They are known to be gifted of a sight that can see and tell the secrets of the future. 
In the ancient times, people would seek the wisdom of a diviner, to know what one’s fate will be. Before pursuing a dream or embarking on a great journey. Diviners are well respected for their capabilities in foretelling one’s fortune. 
To some, diviners are an inspiration. Someone who can very well direct you to the right path. As time, people and circumstance evolved, religion became more dominant. Some divines no longer were only sought out for personal counsel, but there were some who were called as filled with the divine spirit and prophesied great things that may happen, and some that actually had happened and marked our history. And some performed miracles and healing of the sick.
There were divines too that does not just foretell what the future may hold, but they are more of doers than counselors. They are strong enough to become leaders or direct advisors of leaders.
Divines or diviners do not just become who they are. They have rituals or methods such as sacrificing or chanting to be ‘inspired’ by a god. For the religious, they fast and pray until they are given the power of healing and manifesting miracles and things that are eternal.
The word as a character requires more than chants or prayers; it requires un-amounted self sacrifice and a pure motive. Some aims for it while some are born to be one.
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