What is Gelomancy?


In the world of divination there are lots of ways to perform or conduct divination. If you think that fortune telling are only through card reading, palm reading, crystal ball, etc. then you are totally wrong! It is because there are so many types of divination that you surely don’t know yet. And one of them is Gelomancy.

Our ancient people are the strongest believer of fortune telling or divination. In fact during the old days, the ancient people had lots of guidelines and practices that firmly connected to divination. And one of those practices is Gelomancy.

In the word of Greek, Gelo means laugher. This only means that every laugh whether it is loud or not has a correspondent meaning. Every person has his own laughing technique or ways to express his laughter. Maybe the many of the modern people are not aware of Gelomancy, and you can consider yourself as one of the luckiest people because you have this amazing opportunity to explore other way of divination.

Gelomancy is a type of divination based on someone’s tone of laughter. Through the tone and style of someone’s laugh, the diviner can easily determine or describe what type of person you are and other people as well. The diviner can also tell if the certain person has a deep problem or quite happy in life. In short all the sorrowful events and happy moments in your life can be easily determined based on the style of your laughter. So if you want to know more about yourself you can try or seek the expertise of a professional diviner who can perfectly perform or apply the methods of Gelomancy so you can able to get some important details about yourself and other important matter.

The ways of Gelomancy is harmless to every person. And there is nothing wrong if you want to experience this unique kind of fortune telling. Just be sure to find the real diviner so you can really get the result or meaning of the style of your unique laughter. But you have to remember that you must also know your limitation so you can avoid to abnormal obsession to this type of divination.

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