Gemini Frequency

Gemini – The Good Side

You are exciting and unpredictable due to your inherent duality. You are an entertaining partner and can be romantic.
You do not like to be bored and your ability to talk about anything and everything means you seldom are.

You have athirst for knowledge and an even greater thirst to tell others about it. You make a great speaker if you can control the stream information between mind and mouth. You like to take on multiple projects sometimes too many.

The Other Side

You can be  inconsistent and superficial. You can be restless and appear to be fickle and two faced. Your need to pass on information can often be construed as gossip. Your bottomless energy sometimes makes you fidgety and irritable.

accidents (usually small, but frequent), bronchitis, pneumonia, nervous exhaustion

Beneficial foods
Lettuce and cauliflower.

Agate, Adventurine, Pearl, Alexandrite.

332, 927, 67, 12, 09

Tuning Harmonic
Will help Gemini  to stay on the good side and enhance their communicative abilities .It will help them avoid some of their negative traits. Will also help to avoid their likely ailments.

Gemini should tune using a carrier frequency of 332 Hz. The tuning should be entirely  in the Alpha range. ( Frequencies can not be revealed)

Frequency can be downloaded from here;

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