How Geomancy Works?



How Geomancy Works?
Aside from their trading intentions with neighboring lands, learning their neighbors culture and other useful knowledge was also on their lists. And on of those learnings is the geomancy.

According to studies, there may be more than one origin of this kind of divination. This magic ritual was once accepted and practice by anyone from any or from all social class. It was once also called the “science of the land.”  This form of divination was studied and applied by countless scholars in the Middle-Ages, taking notes of its process. As this magic are known as a tool in interpreting marking and patterns on land or grounds. One of the methods is tossing handfuls of rocks, sand, or solid.

Unknown to most of us, the Chinese’s art of harmonizing and balancing the flow of energy within things together for good fortune was from the art of geomancy. It has been practiced since the ancient times until today. Feng Shui neve stops looking for clues and seeking to balance it. Harmonizing the wind, water, earth, even fire is how this Chinese geomancy works. Or aligning posts or land shapes and other natural bodies is how Feng Shui works. Its main objective is to cleanse the area or anything of negative energy so the owner and the material things and it’s all placements will work in perfect harmony and thus be prosperous.

Aside from energies, geomancy is also about properly placing a building or furniture, or a window or doorway, to still keep a good and positive energy and avoid the negative. For example, building a house in front of a river may cause a good or bad fortune. In other words, we need to position ourselves ideally with the universe and our surroundings.

Even if this divination was once practice by anyone before, there is still a ritual and learning that needs to be done before applying this magic. Astrology, numeracy, intuition, meditation and chanting are the few rituals or practices of geomancy.

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