What is Graptomancy?

Since the ancient times, every one has learned the art of communication not just by speaking verbally or hand gestures. communication is very complex, it is not just through writing, hearing, speaking; but also in seeing. Visual communications are, for example, costumes in a very different culture where one belongs. This aspect of communication is actually one of the most that is regarded the least, not unless needed.
Men have always been eager to communicate. Some would present themselves right  away, some would wait to be acknowledged, and some just wouldnt open themselves up, thus the other party needs to assess or profile them. But what if, the other person is nowhere in sight to be profiled yet there are other things that can be used to read the person?
Anyone can easily judge a person by the way they act, they speak, their choices of words –even the quality of their voice. Or their dress code. But anyone can also pretend or falsify these visual and verbal evidence and hide their true personality and character. Another way to know a person is by his writings.
Graptomancy is reading one’s penmanship to know his character. Graptomancy has long been considered a act of divination or fortune telling. But in the modern times, another term was coined, it is also called Graphology.
It is a big challenge to be graptomancer, it is not just by skill or gift but also by passion to be a credible graptomancer. Since there are many different languages and ways to write their own languages in characters, there are also methods to consider in reading what is written.
It is not exactly the what or when or why of the writings, but the “how.” How it was done. The strokes, the size, the choice of character cases, the edges, the alignment, the roundness, the slants, the spaces between letter in a word, the pressure or heaviness of the strokes.
Heavy strokes may mean that the person is emotional and very enthusiastic in life that they tend to be successful. Low pressure on strokes may mean that the person has low emotions and finds every situation draining and would rather avoid responsibilities. Large handwriting may mean that the person is ambitious and tiny handwriting means the person may be inferior.
Graptomancers or diviners of this kind interprets one’s character and future. it used to tell if greed was the motive for certain pursuits or plain kindness. It may also reveal if a person is agreeable or difficult to deal with, thus making this a viable tool for matchmaking.
Many psychologist today are even using graphology to assess clients properly and for them t know what would the proper approach to handle clients.
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