What is Hypnomancy?


Hypnomancy is one of the unique ways for divination that based on the interpretation of someone’s dream during sleep. This method can only be done or quite effective to the sleeping person or people. It is because all of us are unconscious and unaware and can’t control the situation in our dreams. And many of us are quite curious to know the meaning of our dreams whether it is good or one of the nightmares.

This may be the reason why Hypnomancy is part of divination during the ancient days because at that time the ancient people strongly believed that their dreams are considered as a warning or guidance in the coming future. And until now the methods of Hypnomancy still exists especially to the professional hypnotist.

The diviner or hypnomancer can stimulate his power to divine or interpret any type of dream of a certain person through hypnotism. The diviner will ask you anything about your dream while you are half asleep then he will assess or analyze the situation of your current dream before he reveal his interpretation to your dream.

The Hypnomancer or diviner can play a big help to you and other people. It is because through his expertise, he can able to give you some warnings about your dreams so you can avoid unwanted accident or unwanted circumstances that can affect your life or even your friends or loved ones. The ancient people were very particular about the interpretation of Hypnomancy because for them every dream has a significant meaning and warning to their precious lives.

So if you are one of those people who are also quite interested to know or get a definite translation to your dream/dreams then all you have to do is to find the right Hypnomancer or diviner that can address your curiosity and questions.

Hypnomancy is not one of the common ways of divination because it needs extra experience and effort to be a good hypnomancer. In short, this method is not just for fun that you can apply to other common methods of fortune telling such as card reading. Hypnomancy is considered as a serious ways to predict the future.

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