The Idolomancy


Long time ago, the ancient people were quite believer and follower of Idols or Idolomancy. They also used their respected idols or stone images for divination purposes. They made images like human shape through metal or stones. They worshiped their idols because they believed that it brings them good fortune.

Ancient people strongly believed that the spirits can occupy or inhabit their respective god images or stone statues to help them uncover the future. They hired professional ancient diviner to help them reveal the message of the spirit/spirits about the good opportunities and warning in the coming future. This practice usually performs before starting the war or capturing other kingdoms. The Ancient King/kings want to know the outcome of their fight against other kingdoms or nations. This is why they want to seek a capable person who can able to reveal the secrets of futurity by worshiping their idols.

The idols or images of the ancient idols were usually placed in their altar while the huge statues were built outside of the palace. These idols were strongly respected by the royal bloods and ordinary ancient people. This old method or belief was originated before the time of Christ. The ancient king or pharaoh believed that their gods will protect them from war, calamity, famine, etc.

This old belief is not popular in our modern time. It is because the modern people are now quite knowledgeable about the limitations and disadvantages of Idolomancy. However, there are still people who are practicing Idolomancy for divination. These people are usually inclined with black magic. They are making stone god images and place it on their altar so they can recite their rituals that can maximize their black magic.

For the ancient people, Idolomancy was acceptable and pleasant to their belief. For them, their life is useless, helpless, and not complete without their idols. And we can’t blame them or question their belief because that is their sacred tradition and part of their law during that time. Now that you know what is the meaning or impact of Idolamancy to the ancient people, it is now up to you if your perception about Idolomancy will be positive or negative.

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