What is Oculomancy?


What is Oculomancy?

Oculomancy is part of divination. The method of Oculomancy is through reading the eyes of any person. The diviner can easily interpret someone’s personality and traits by analyzing the shape, color, and reflection of anyone’s eye. This type of divination is quite fun and interesting because the diviner doesn’t need to use other paraphernalia to uncover the future.

Not all fortune tellers can do the methods of Oculomancy. It is because only chosen or gifted people can able to perform Oculomancy to a certain person. This only means that you must choose an expert or genuine diviner who can surely handle Oculomancy to you so you can able to get the real definition or interpretation of your own eyes.

The diviner can see your inner thoughts and hidden motives to anyone. In short your good and bad intentions to anyone can be easily revealed. It is because your deep thoughts can be seen in your eyes. This method was used long time ago by the ancient people to help them assess any suspicious person if he/she really tells the truth. For them, this method can help them make their decision or judgment if the person is really guilty or innocent.

Some people believe that Oculomancy is quite effective in reading someone’s personality. However, we can’t deny the fact that there are also numbers of people that don’t believe on this type of divination. For them this method is not accurate in revealing someone’s personality and motives. Well, we can’t blame them because they are entitled with their own opinion. Or maybe they had bad experienced about Oculomancy that made them against about this practice.

So if you want to feed your curiosity about the unique methods of Oculomancy, you can try or have this extra ordinary experience. Just be sure to find the right person that can do Oculomancy. Once you already get the interpretation of your two precious eyes from the real Oculomancy expert, then that’s the time that you can tell anyone if this method is real or not.

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