The Arithmancy


Arithmancy have something in common with Numerology. It is because the two are both related with numbers. Through the methods of Arithmancy, the diviner can able to unfold the meaning of anyone’s name that can reveal the characteristics of a certain person.

The Arithmancy has two methods of divination. These two methods are called Agrippan and Chaldean. In the Agrippan method, the diviner will use 1 – 9 numbers in a chart and below these numbers are the alphabetical letters. The name of any person will be calculated in order to uncover the positive and negative traits of the person and also to determine his strength and weaknesses. Through the unique method of Agrippan, the diviner can also predict the future life of the person in his/her career, love life, goals in life, etc. The Chaldean method is only using 1 – 8 numbers and the letters below are assigned based on the Hebrew alphabet. But the goal of Chaldean is almost the same as the Agrippan method.

The Arithmancy was first practiced by the Ancient of Greeks during 18th century. Many ancient Greek people believed about the accuracy of its method to their own life. The unique method of Arithmancy amazed them, because they were able to know more about their inner characteristics. And through this special kind of divination, they were able to appreciate their name because they know that their name has significant meaning to their personality and life as well.

If you are quite interested to know the meaning of your name, you can look for a professional Arithmancy diviner so you can able to get the proper calculation of your name that can reveal your strength and weaknesses in life. Or you can also search about the thorough method of Arithmancy so you can practice its procedure in order to calculate your own name and at the same time to unfold the deepest meaning of your special name.

Arithmancy is quite interesting and harmless as well. You will surely have a fun experience once you have tried this special method of divination.

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