Pisces Frequency

Pisces – The Good Side

You are very sensitive and will often pick up on others emotions and ailments. You feel deeply for other people and can often be burdened by the troubles of others.
You tend to have well tuned intuition and can be quite psychic. Your love for others can be truly unconditional .

The Other Side

 Your sensitivity can lead to a degree of paranoia and self inflicted suffering. You have the potential to take this out on others too
Your imagination can get the better of you clouding the boundaries between truth and fantasy

Bunions, chilblains, alcoholism, drug addiction, lymphatic and glandular disorders, forgetfulness, insanity

Beneficial foods
Raisins, dates and cereals.

Amethyst, Sugalite, Aquamarine.

943, 567, 332, 16

Tuning Harmonic
Will help Pisceans  to stay on the good side and enhance their inventive abilities .It will help them avoid some of their negative traits. Will also help to avoid their likely ailments.

Pisceans should tune using a carrier frequency of 332 Hz. The tuning should be predominantly in the Theta range. ( Frequencies can not be revealed)

Frequency can be downloaded from here;

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