Psychic Reading

When we hear the word psychic reading, what comes to mind is a gypsey with hands over a crystal ball, wide-eyed seeing invisible things inside the crystal ball. And their ever colorful clothings and accessory overload. Seeing them gives excitement and a certain magical feel but at the same they also gives out a sense of caution or feelings of danger. Many are enticed of the magic of fortune telling brings, to some it gives promises of a bright future, but to some it gives anxiety if it foretell bad luck.
Psychic readers are expected to be sensitive to things that a normal person cannot feels, sees, hears. They senses are a level higher than normal, sensitive to what is within their surroundings. Or people who uses ESP (Extrasensory Perception). They claim that they can see the future and read ones mind, and some can even mentally control material things or a person’s mind. But in Psychology, Psyche means the totality of the mind, concious and unconcious. If one can train his mind with meditation and other ways to use all the senses of the brain, then one can be psychic.
Psychic reading requires skills and knowledge. It is not just paranormal powers or magic. During reading, they need to tune in to you and one’s surrounding, those that one values a lot, so they can tell you relevant things of what your future holds.
There are several variations of psychic reading and divination that are still common up to this date. Aside from crystal ball reading, there is the tarrot card reading. The card is tuned to ones energy by having you reshuffle and deal the deck of cards. How you should pick cards and place them for the clairvoyant to read. There are simple card reading done almost everywhere in the world, by using and ordinary deck of card, one may ask a question, and if the card dealt will all be opened, then the answer is “yes” and “no” if there are unturned cards left.
Another popular psychic reading is using the facial feature of a person and his hands. For the Chinese, a face can tell so much of how a person is and possibly might grown to be. Some examples are the brow and eye levels, if they are aligned, this idicates that the person is very wise in judgement.
In palmistry or chiromancy, the reader reads the lines in the palms to determine what kind of person is the seeker and what he may become in the future. It is known that hand and finger prints changes after every five years, thus one must have his palms read every five years to know his future.
In every divination, there would only be two outcome, a good fortune or bad. Always.
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