What is Psychometry?


Psychometry is one of the interesting and intriguing methods when it comes to divination. Why? It is because this method can only be performed by the gifted person who can able to make an extra sensory perception about certain object/objects from anyone whether the person is alive or dead.

According to the experts, Psychometry is used for creating a communication to the user that can able to unfold the history of his life whether it was a good or bad situation by touching the item/items of the owner. Through this method, the person with special ability to perform Psychometry can able to see the untold story about the death of a particular person. This method is usually used or very common in Paranormal Activity.

Psychometry is sometimes scary because this method is dealing with serious and mysterious matters. This is why an ordinary diviner is not capable of this task because it requires special or gifted ability to Perform Psychometry. In short, only the people with ESP powers are only suited to this kind of divination.

These days, this type of divination is very useful to the people who are eager to find out the real reason of the death of their loved ones. They strongly believed that this Psychometry method can give justice to the death of their special someone because the diviner can able to uncover the emotions of the dead person during the time of his/her death tragedy.

Psychometry is not only used for the dead people’s objects. It can also be used for any person who is still alive. The diviner can read the inner emotion of the person and also his strength and weaknesses. The Psychometry diviner can able to trace the roots of the behavior or misbehavior of any person by touching his personal things or even his hand. Through this method the Psychometry diviner can give helpful advice to a certain client on how to deal with his emotions and weaknesses.

So if you want to find out the untold story of your loved one or if you want to get an accurate reading about yourself, you can consult a Psychometry Diviner. Just be sure to consult a real expert so you can get an accurate readings and revelations!

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