What is Sciomancy?




There are lots of ways to predict the future. Sciomancy is one of the unique methods in the world of fortune telling. The techniques for Sciomancy are extremely unusual because the diviner will need to communicate or seek help from the spirits of the dead or ghost in order to complete his/her prediction.

Sciomancy is not advisable to everyone especially if the client has a weak tolerance to the dead spirits. In short only few people with strong heart can able to try this type of divination. Many people think that Sciomancy is the scariest and weirdest way for divination. But regardless of this terrifying method, there are still people who are willing to try this uncommon type of divination. People have their own reason about trying Sciomancy. Some people want to explore the methods of Sciomancy to feed their curiosity while other people want to try the power or shadow of the ghosts if it is really helpful and effective to their own personal purposes.

The diviner will use the shadows of death in order to interpret and foreshadow the future of a certain person or client. The client can also ask question about something to the diviner and then the diviner will record or read the images or symbols of the shadows so he/she can relay the message or response of the ghosts to the particular question.

Sciomancy could be frightening with other people. And we can’t blame them to be scared for it was obviously unusual and ghoulish way to predict someone’s future. This is obviously belongs to the black magic because communicating to the dead spirits is undeniably quite scary.

And because of its weird way to interpret anyone’s future, only few diviner have a strong will to pursue these spooky practices. Now that you already know the methods of Sciomancy, it is now up to you if you want to try this and let the shadow of ghosts to divine your life in the future or you can also avoid this type of divination if you if you know that you are not capable to explore the world of the dead spirits.

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