Scorpio Frequency

Scorpio – The Good Side

You are passionate and intense but often a jealous lover. You have strong personal magnetism and can be very loyal

Your persistence will ensure success in most cases.

You are compassionate and can often reach and understand the emotions of deeply troubled people

The Other Side

You can be secretive and manipulative. You can become obsessed by power and can lean into cruelty. You will hold grudges and can be vindictive.


Bladder disorders, cystitis, genito-urinary diseases, piles, prostate trouble, PMT.

.Beneficial foods
Prunes and hops.

Junzite Spinel, Tourmalated Quartz, Topaz, Yellow Sapphire, Citrine.

446, 298, 44, 98, 45

Tuning Harmonic
Will help Scorpio to stay on the good side and enhance theirĀ  abilities .It will help them avoid some of their negative traits. Will also help to avoid their likely ailments.

Scorpio should tune using a carrier frequency of 298 Hz. The tuning should be in the alpha range (Frequencies can not be revealed)

Frequency can be downloaded from here;

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