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Now, on to the introduction! My name is Jan Tincher. I am a Hypnotherapist and Master Neuro Linguistic Programmer (That’s where the NLP in “NLP Tips & More” comes from). I studied under Anthony Robbins and certified under his mentor, Richard Bandler, and I love helping people.

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Check out my video below. “The Power of Giving”.  What goes around, comes around. I’ll show you what I mean.   

I’m sure your life will change once you realize the power you have and utilize it. After you watch the video, read The Law of Cause and Effect for an even better understanding.  The Law of Cause And Effect.

We’ve all had times when we’ve talked too much, spoken too loudly, or spoken too quickly. The experience was, at the very least, regrettable. So, instead of repeating those experiences, why not learn how to “speak silently”?

NOTE: In order for this technique to help, you need to make a list of “looks” that will benefit you and practice them in front of a mirror. That’s right. It works.

This technique will show you how to get your way without being physically or verbally forceful. It will teach you how to give someone a “look” that tells them exactly what you want, peace to all.

A cocked eyebrow can say “What are you trying to tell me?” Or “What are you trying to do?” Or “What? Run that by me again.” Or “You heard me.” Or “I’ve got patience, but you’re trying it.”

What does a nod of the head say? A jerk of the head? A deep breath and solemn eyes? A jerk of the shoulders? What does it say when you stand up v e r y s l o w l y… with your eyes on the person in front of you?

A look I find helpful is one that says “I’m feeling very peaceful.” That look is very important. Once you get it down pat, you give the look and feel the peace. Sometimes, that peaceful “look” is a trigger to help you feel peaceful, even before you convey peace.

Practice one… Read more…

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