What is Tasseography?




Tasseography is a type of divination through reading the tea leaves in an empty cup. This type of fortune telling is quite amazing and interesting because it is one of the extraordinary ways to predict someone’s future. This practice is not common to the ancient people. In fact, Tasseography became very popular to the ancient Chinese people.

Chinese people are known as the most believer of different kind of divination, and Tasseography is considered as one of their beliefs and practices to get good fortune and to diminish the bad one. However, this practice is not very prominent in our present generation. And many of us are not aware that this unusual type of divination exists.

So if you are one of those people who are not yet aware of the wonderful methods of Tasseography, allow me to give you some interesting information of this rare type of divination. Many of us only aware of the common ways for divination such as tarot card reading, palm reading, crystal reading, psychic reading, etc. The methods of Tasseography based on reading or interpreting the tea leaf/leaves left in a cup from a certain person. The diviner will read the position of the tea leaves in a tea cup then he/she will going to interpret the symbols from the tea leaves so that the client can get some helpful information that strongly linked to his/her future.

Reading tea leaf/leaves in a tea cup is not an easy task. The diviner should have enough spiritual background, multiple divining traditions and strong psychic intuition in order to deliver the right message of the tea leaf/leaves. Maybe the modern people are not easily convinced about this practice especially now that our technology is highly upgraded from time to time. In short, many modern people are not quite inclined to the old tradition beliefs. But, despite of our modern ways and beliefs, there are people who are still practicing and still patronizing the world of divination like Tasseography. These people believed that the methods of divination are still helpful to their lives regardless of the existence of the modern technology all over the world.

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