Types of Fortune Telling

Since the ancient times, people were so intelligent and impatient that they always wanted to know what the future holds. Their present relies so much on what is coming upon them in the future.  Their faith and fate lies so much on what tomorrow brings. In every kingdom, there is always a seer or an oracle that can tell the secrets of tomorrow. A leader cannot proceed without seeking their enchanting promise of success or danger.
Most fortune tellers claimed that is a gift, that they are the chosen few that was gifted with such talent and knowledge. An eye that sees what is coming, to those who are protected in the society calls it a gift, but those who are unfit to socialize calls it a curse.
There are many types of fortune telling. Today, it is somewhat an accepted profession than a gift. No one knows if someone is a genuine, gifted seer. But it has proven that with practice and passion, almost anyone with a heart of fortune telling, can learn the art.
The most common method of fortune telling is palmistry. Reading the line on the hands, what they mean and what it indicates for the seeker. Even the size of the hand, fingers, and nails can tell who you are and what lies in your future.
Another method is by using the card. The Tarot Card, it does not just tell what the seeker’s future is going to be. It also interprets the seeker’s emotions. Reading it is very complex, it is interpreted based on the position it is dealt. A standard Tarot card is composed of 78 decks with different characters that represent either life, death, wealth, or a warning. There are major and minor characters in the standard Tarot card that give impact on the fortune of the seeker, as it was dealt. These days, an ordinary deck of cards can be also used in telling ones fortune.
Numbers are also used in unlocking the future’s secret. Numerology is a method that uses the seeker’s assigned numbers from his name or birthday or from anything that he is recently associated with. Its numerical value is computed or calculated to unlock the significant secrets and clues of each numbers for the seeker –his fortune or demise. It is also used to see a relationship’s future, if the union will be fruitful or will only cause misery to both or either parties.
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