Virgo Frequency

Virgo – The Good Side

You can be shy and introverted but have a sharp intellect which many find irresistible.

You are methodical, analytical and systematic. You love useful information and enjoy passing it on to others.

You are naturally cautious which can make you selective and thoughtful of your actions.

You like to see the results of your labour.

The Other Side

You can be obsessed by order and too self conscious . Be careful of being too critical of others

You have a tendency to over analyse things and can sometimes find it difficult to have fun.

Anorexia, bowel problems, indigestion, intestinal infections, appendicitis, malnutrition, hernia.

.Beneficial foods
Lemons and caraway seeds.

Agate, Aventurine, Sapphire, Tanzanite.

784, 112, 509, 33, 01

Tuning Harmonic
Will help Virgo  to stay on the good side and enhance their abilities .It will help them avoid some of their negative traits. Will also help to avoid their likely ailments.

Virgo should tune using a carrier frequency of 112 Hz. The tuning should be in the low alpha and high theta range ( Frequencies can not be revealed)

Frequency can be downloaded from here;

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